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What Am I Signing?

When you add your signature to the petition, you are joining a group of (hopefully!) more than 4,000 other Natick voters asking the Natick Select Board to add a question of on the March 2024 ballot that will ask Natick voters whether or not if they want to create a Charter Commission.

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Signers' Statement

The petition form is an official document provided to the Natick Town Clerk by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of MA's office.


Although the language on the signers' statement "...request the (town) of Natick revise its present charter or adopt a new charter," the practical effect of signing this petition it to set the CONSIDERATION of a change in motion. Signing the document does not commit the signer or the Town to any specific change or outcome. 

The Charter Commission, if created by the voters in March 2024, would then have 18 months to study Natick's governance structure and potentially recommend a change which ALSO must be adopted by the voters in the March 2026 town election.

What we need on the form

  • Voter's signature 

  • Voter's printed name, if signature is not clear

  • Voter's address

  • Voter's Precinct Number. Click HERE to find your Natick Precinct number. 

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