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It’s been 43 years since Natick adopted its current form of government.

Natick voters deserve a voice for an independent look at our Town Charter.

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Why Now?
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Please sign our petition to place the creation of a Charter Commission on the Spring 2025 ballot.

Why Consider a Change Now?

A lot has changed since 1980! Challenges to Town government include: 

> Finding new volunteers with the time and the means to serve

> Hiring and retaining qualified Town employees


> Responding to an unpredictable economy

> Increasing demands on Town resources, and,

> Keeping Natick affordable without compromising our quality and availability of services.

A recent report by the Town Governance Study Committee concluded that the time is now for a newly elected, independent, and transparent body to consider and make recommendations to the voters. That’s a Charter Commission. 


In fact, over the past 20 years, more than 20 municipalities in Massachusetts have considered changing their forms of government to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and representation.


Regardless of the Commission’s recommendation(s) - status quo, tweaks, or a total overhaul - Natick voters deserve a say in what will work best for us.


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