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The Campaign Team (so far)

ALL are Welcome to Join Us!

We are a growing group of engaged community members with varying degrees of current and past involvement as volunteers in Natick's government* and/or as supporters of various local initiatives. Some have no direct experience but want to help as concerned citizens! 

Although we may not agree on the reason(s) why or share the same opinions about the potential type(s) of change(s) proposed for the Natick Charter, we all support the effort to gather signatures and have a Ballot Question to create a Charter Commission on Natick's 2024 local election ballot. 


We are NON-PARTISAN and we welcome ANYONE to join the effort! Won't you join us?

*Note: All campaign volunteers have confirmed that their participation in this effort as private citizens does not violate the terms of their respective employment or present a conflict of interest with regard to their current volunteer roles; however, some Campaign volunteers might not be able to perform certain duties (e.g., soliciting donations) due to their employment terms or status. In these cases, such volunteers do not participate in those activities, accordingly.  

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